About Oak & Maple

Oak & Maple has formed as a way of combining a love for adventure with the important aspect of living a nutritionally packed and environmentally conscious lifestyle. We are on a mission to be part of a healthier and less wasteful future for our community through increasing the accessibility to high quality plant based nutrition in packaging which doesn't damage our environment. We specialise in small batches of 100% raw, unpasteurised and cold pressed juice, focused on nutrient retention and waste prevention. We run local deliveries every week across mid-Cornwall and offer one-off orders, weekly subscriptions and options for events, weddings, & retreats. 






The name 'Oak & Maple' represents the creation of a partnership between the owners, from different countries and backgrounds. Bruce, from Devon, is represented by the Oak tree and Laura, from Canada, is represented by the Maple tree. The name reflects our native roots as well as our central belief that the protection of the trees and the environment is necessary for a healthy future for the planet. The root system of a tree begins and ends well below what we see, drawing and providing nutrients and support to its surrounding species. It takes only what it needs and gives back what it does not. The health of a tree depends on its environment, just as we do.







About the Founders:


We're Bruce & Laura... an English and Canadian duo who met in Vancouver and bonded over a shared ethos for plant based nutrition, outdoor adventure and conscious consumerism. 


Bruce's nutritional journey began when he was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease 10 years ago. Since then, he has had to be incredibly conscious of what he consumes on a daily basis and naturally this developed into a keen interest for diet and nutrition. This lifestyle change led him to gain valuable experience with leading businesses in the organic food industry in the UK, Canada, and New Zealand. One of the most memorable periods was in Vancouver, where he learned the arts of Cold Pressed Juicing and Superfood Smoothies. It was also during this time that he met Laura - a passionate paediatric physiotherapist. Laura already had a healthy palette for a good green juice, and was a few years into her journey of both a plant based and low waste lifestyle, helping to guide Bruce who was just beginning to make these conscious changes.


We spent several years on the west coast of Canada together, as well as several more on the North Island of New Zealand, before settling down in Newquay with the idea of living our desired coastal lifestyle and bringing our passions to the public through Oak & Maple.