Our Crowdfunder Campaign

We're in business to help improve the overall health & wellness of our community and it's people. We look to provide convenient options to improve the daily diet of as many people as possible whilst also encouraging an active and adventurous lifestyle - the key (we believe) to a happy and healthy life. A survey in 2018 showed the daily average intake of fruits and vegetables across the UK was 3.7 (the recommended is 10!) and so we felt the need to do what we could to help. With this in mind, we started Oak & Maple 1 year ago in our spare time and are super excited to now be expanding in order to keep up with the growing demand for our products! From day one, we've been looking for a space to call our own and to really set some roots for Oak & Maple. It's really exciting now that we're growing into our very first commercial space where we will be increasing our production capacity and furthering our home delivery range. We will also be increasing our product range to be open for 'walk in' customers with our 'made-to-order' superfood smoothies, cold pressed juices, kombuchas, kefirs and a selection of delicious plant based eats and treats - all Gluten Free of course! 


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How can you help?

All this exciting news comes with the burden of trying to start a business in the midst of a Pandemic. We're not letting it phase us as this is when we feel our community needs our products most... but having already invested heavily into this growth period, there are a few costs we're looking for some help with. Instead of looking to a third party lender, we thought we'd look to our community to see if we can raise a portion of the funds in return for some nutritious and delicious deals. Initially, we'll be kitting our new space out with some much needed equipment... for example, a much larger commercial cold press is first on the list, as well as other commercial kitchen requirements. We'll also be adding to our product range and so a portion of the funds raised will go into our initial stock purchasing. In addition to this, (and should we reach our stretch target), we'll use a portion of the funds to improve the marketing of our business to widen the awareness of the values we stand for. This will include improving our website to cope better for multi-day delivery options as well as improving our digital marketing to widen our reach. 


We hope to stand out and show that the food and beverage industry can use less single use packaging and instead 'Choose to Reuse' where possible.