Our Supply Chain & Sustainability




We take great pride in our supply chain, and so where possible, our ingredients are sourced from local farmers using organic methods. This helps to cut down food miles while keeping the produce deliciously fresh. For when we need items from further away, we do our best to use our supplier who is organic certified by the Soil Association, a certified B Corp, and delivers to us plastic free. We also grow some of our own supply in order to truly understand (and appreciate) the seasonal growing cycles, as well as to gain a first hand experience of the hard graft our suppliers are going through on a daily basis.  


In our shop and alongside our deliveries, we run a bottle return/collection service in order to sterilise and reuse them. This isn't the most convenient operation but it certainly helps to reduce stress on our recycling facilities and reduces single use waste within the beverage industry. We're also proud to only be using glass bottles made from 100% recycled glass, helping to reuse materials already in the production cycle.


Furthermore, our juicing process provides us with a large amount of dry juice pulp. This pulp can be used in various kitchen recipes but for what we can't use ourselves, we make sure to compost on the farm where we grow our own supply. By composting these materials, we are closing the loop on our food "waste" and helping to build our soils for the future.