Our Values & Mission

Oak & Maple is built upon the high value we put on the well being of our planet, our animals, and our people. The name reflects our native roots as well as our central belief that the protection of the trees and the environment is necessary for a healthy future for the planet. The root system of a tree begins and ends well below what we see, drawing and providing nutrients and support to its surrounding species. It takes only what it needs and gives back what it does not. The health of a tree depends on its environment, just as we do. 


We are here to provide natural nutrition sourced from quality local & organic growers, and to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables our local people consume on a daily basis. We were all told (or at least should have been) when we were younger to 'eat your greens'... and turns out our parents were right! Currently, the UK average daily servings of fruits and vegetables is 3.7, and I think we would all be in agreement that this number is far too low. We aim to improve that figure and make it as convenient and easy as possible for our community to do so. Our regular sized cold pressed juice bottles contain the juice from 5-6 servings of fruits and vegetables (around half a kg), providing an easy way to increase your daily nutrient intake to support the overall functioning of your body.

We look to motivate others to think more about the food products they buy and to live a more caring and active lifestyle. In essence we want to make a greater collective change in the world and to take a giant leap towards conscious consumerism. We certainly don't claim to be perfect in our ways, but we certainly strive to always be better, and we hope that with your help, we will be able to progress. 

The task we have set ourselves is certainly not an easy one, but we believe that by working in alignment with our values below, we can encourage people to live a more conscious and healthier lifestyle:

1. Active and Adventurous Living

We love to live an active lifestyle whilst exploring the world around us and we don't plan on stopping any time soon. By moving more, you are keeping your body active and alive and there's no better way to start doing this than outside in the world around you. We love to get outside to feel the wind, the rain, the sun and to nourish our senses. We aim to encourage people to move more, be more active and to explore more of the world around them. One of the reasons we put such a high value on environmental sustainability is so that the world remains beautiful to explore for the generations to come.

"Adventure isn't hanging off a rope on the side of a mountain. Adventure is an attitude we must apply to the day to day obstacles of life". 


2. Reducing Waste and Encouraging Zero Waste Living.

We aim to do business differently, and aim to reduce wastage across our business as much as possible whilst encouraging others to follow suit. Wastage can come in the form of energy waste, recyclable waste, food waste, and non recyclable waste and so we actively strive to reduce all of these with every decision we make. In all areas of the food business, we see a lot of food waste and single use disposable waste and so work directly with suppliers to reduce these as much as possible. For instance, we receive our fruits and vegetables plastic free and only in recyclable packaging. To further this, we aim to keep our environmental impact low, reduce the amount of harmful waste going into our landfills and our oceans whilst also reducing stress on our recycling systems.

We choose to reuse where we can, and so we carry out a 'bottle giveback program', whereby we collect our bottles back from each order so we can use them again and again. To further this, we also heavily encourage people to use their own containers/packaging in other parts of the business. Other packaging we use within the business is 100% recyclable, and we compost all of our food waste to put back into the growing cycle and keep our soils healthy. 

"When we throw something away, it must go somewhere - There is no such thing as 'away'".


3. Support Organic Farming Practices

By supporting organic, we are supporting our soil and our farmers. Non-organic farming practices have created toxic and nutrient dead soils since the introduction of synthetic chemical fertilisers and pesticides through the 1900's. These chemicals may have created 'perfect' looking fruit and vegetables but what they are resulting in is soil degradation and low nutrient, chemical dense foods which are potentially causing severe health issues. We aim to educate about the effects of non-organic food production and it's unsustainable practices so that our consumers can eat a more nutrient dense diet and reduce their exposure to these chemicals. By doing so, we can all help preserve the life of our soils for our farmers around the world. 

We source our ingredients as locally as possible through farmers using regenerative organic farming practices, and for when things are needed from further away, we ensure they are from certified organic growers. Often our local farmers are not organic certified, and so we ensure to visit the farm to learn about how they carry out their practice. To understand the organic farming process, we also grow a small amount of our own supply which deeply connects us to our products. Additionally, we aim to work with organic suppliers to ensure that food is not wasted and to ensure that our food waste is composted to makes sure that we always give back what we take.  

"By creating and maintaining good soil through sustainable practices, our precious planet can continue to sustain life indefinitely". 


4. Plant Based Nutrition

By reducing meat in your diet, you open yourself up to a whole new world of questions, food combinations, and nutritious facts. We strive to educate consumers about the benefits of eating a more plant based diet, not only for their health, but to help reduce the global environmental impact that the global meat & dairy industry is causing. We aim to show that eating a plant based, whole foods diet isn't all about salad leaves and greenery, but that it also includes delicious hearty meals, treats and snacks. Plus, there's the added benefit that no animals have to die to keep your belly full. 

"People eat meat and think they will become as strong as an ox... forgetting that the ox eats grass".  


We're working towards a social change whereby conscious consumerism is celebrated and enjoyed for the years to come. We'll be the first to say that we aren't experts in our field, but we have put a lot of time and energy into getting to know our facts and figures and we're still continuing to learn! The end goal for us is to help as many people as possible understand all the noise about environmental issues today so that they can make amendments in their day to day decisions to help protect what they care about most. In essence, we want to raise awareness for these issues, encourage people to make simple lifestyle changes and show the alternative options available. Cold pressed juice, smoothies, plant based eats and well sourced products are a starting point for us and we look forward to the undulating journey ahead of us.