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The craze for celery juice has taken the juicing world by storm over the last few years and so who are we to put an end to it? ⁠Celebrities dig it, haters hate it... but we put both sides aside and look at the debate as simply as this - when was the last time you ate a whole head of Celery? 

Celery itself is loaded with goodness and definitely has some great properties. It helps to reduce inflammation, it's high in antioxidants, alkalising, and high in potassium, folate and vitamins A (eye health & immune support), C (skin & cellular health) & K (blood & bone health). So if the claimed healing power hype turns out to be false, then no love lost, but if they turn out to be true... you've just doubled your money.⁠

All the juice we press is 100% raw, unpasteurised and cold pressed... they are raw fruit and vegetables. We do not add any preservatives, additives or use high pressure pasteurisation - they're just raw fruit and vegetables, so keep them chilled and drink every last drop. Each Large bottle (500ml) contains around a kilogram of produce, a similar quantity to 10-12 portions of fruits and vegetables.

Where possible, our ingredients are sourced from local farmers using organic methods and when produce from further afield is required we do our best to use certified organic growers.




Celery, Lemon.


    Shelf Life: 5 days 


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    • Find out more about the Cold Pressed Juicing method here.


    Celery Juice - Large