Do you even Juice? Our Athlete Pack is focused towards the movers and shakers out there. It's a pack aimed at improving your exercise performance, post exercise recovery and your hydration. Ladened with anti-inflammatory, stamina improving and fatigue blasting properties, this combo will help keep that blood pumping and your skin glowing so you can keep looking great pre and post exercise.  

Beetroots are known to improve blood flow and lower blood pressure helping to keep the muscles fuelled with all the anti-inflammatory and body soothing properties found throughout the nutrient dense multi-pack. 


The Starter Pack includes:

1 x Daily Greens (regular),

1 x Super Roots (Large),

2 x Anti-Inflammatory Shots

2 x Recovery Shots


All our cold pressed juice is raw, unpasteurised and free of any additives... they are pure fruit and vegetables! Each regular bottle (275ml) contains about half a kilogram of produce making them equal to 5-6 portions of fruits and vegetables.


Ingredients and Nutritional Info:

Daily Greens: Cucumber, Apple, Seasonal Greens (Kale, Spinach and/or Beet Greens), Celery, Lime, Ginger, Mint  

Super Roots: Carrot, Beetroot, Apple, Seasonal Greens (Kale, Spinach and/or Beet Greens), Lemon, Parsley

Anti-Inflammatory: Orange, Turmeric Root, Black Pepper

Recovery: Beetroot, Orange, Fennel, Ginger, Ginseng


Important Information:

  • We offer Free Delivery in Newquay (and surrounding areas).
  • Our minimum order is £10
  • This item is perishable, please keep refrigerated.
  • Please shake well before consuming - separation is normal.
  • Find out more about the Cold Pressed Juicing method here.


The Athlete